alabaster sands vessel
Egyptian Alabaster Sands

Egyptian Alabaster Sands

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The use of alabaster in Egypt dates back to the Pharaonic period of Egyptian history.  It is found within the mountains a few miles behind the Valley of the Kings.  Each alabaster vessel is sanded down by an Egyptian artisan, and hand-carved into beautiful bowls and vessels.  This process takes several days of incredibly skilled work.  

The alabaster vessels look amazing when used as a tea light or candle holder. Glowing gorgeously through the alabaster, creating a stunning and unique ambience to your indoor and outdoor spaces.  You can also use your alabaster vessel as a vase for dried foliage.


Hand-carved alabaster is translucent when held into the light.  Keep in mind each piece has its own unique colour and characteristics.  Do not get the alabaster soaking wet or submerged in water, please use a simple wet wipe when cleaning.

Height 7.5cm x Mouth Diameter 5cm
*Dimensions may vary slightly due to being handmade