Vintage Amphora Urn

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An Amphora is an ancient Greek or Roman jar, jug or vase with a large oval body and two handles either side of the narrow neckline.  The perfect shape for pouring and transporting water, oil and wine.

Knowing that these one of kind urns are over centuries old, they look striking displayed at the interior entrance of your home or as a visible sculptural piece within your living, dining or study spaces. 


Every Amphora Urn is completely different to the next. This includes shape, size and markings. Some with handles, some without. Like any vintage piece, expect to see grooves, authentic scratches and dints on its surface, all of which adds depth and character to these one of a kind urns. 


D20-23cm x H50-56cm 
*Dimensions may vary slightly due to being handmade



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