Vintage Urn
Vintage Turkish Urns

Vintage Turkish Urns

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Antique treasures sourced from Turkey.  These incredible vintage urn's were once used for storing oil, water and grain. The age of each urn can vary between 30-150 years old, showing unique and beautiful markings from years of use.  

Display your Turkish Urns individually or grouped together in your living, dining or entryway of your home.  These beauties are unique and one-off vintage pieces that will give your home character and life.


Each Turkish urn is completely different to the next.  This includes shape, size and markings.  Some with handles, some without.  Like any vintage piece, expect to see aged white paint (cream), grooves, authentic scratches and dints on its surface, all of which adds depth and character to these one of a kind pots.


Mouth Diameter 13cm x Height 27cm  
*Dimensions may vary slightly due to being handmade