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Andy Warhol - 1964 Marilyn Monroe Original Poster

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Created for the Tate Gallery of London in 1971 to promote "Warhol: The Tate Gallery", marking their first major museum exhibition of Warhol's work, featuring a 1964 Marilyn Monroe.

In the months following Marilyn Monroe's tragic death in 1962, Andy Warhol made more then twenty silkscreen portrait paintings, all based on the same publicity still photograph of Marilyn Monroe, from the 1953 film 'Niagara'.  In 1971, the Tate Gallery of London held an Exhibition for Andy Warhol's series of Marilyn Monroe silkscreen portraits.

Andy Warhol was a well known American artist and a leading figure in the art movement known as 'Pop Art'.



Length 51cm x Height 76cm


Offset lithographic paper


Unframed - Printed in Great Britain by The Hillingdon Press, Uxbridge


Very Good with slight creases