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Amazon Baskets

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Incredibly rare and unique vine baskets that have been handmade in the Colombian Jungle by the indigenous tribes who still to this day, use them for fishing, hunting or tidying.

The process involved in the making of these stunning baskets is tremendous.  Deep within the Colombian jungle there is a vine that the tribe’s men source, cut and transport back to the village to be dried, hulled and then woven into light, resistant and durable baskets by the women of the tribes. 

These incredible Vine Baskets can be used for multiple functions.  A stunning plant holder for your indoor plants, storage for particular objects or simply grouped together as a rare and beautiful feature within your home.


Unfortunately due to an epidemic that hit the Indigenous Community that makes these baskets, they are now becoming harder and harder to get. Therefore every basket we receive is extremely special and rare.


Every basket has been crafted by hand and memory, therefore no two baskets are the same. Variations in size, weave and colour is expected.  The base of some baskets are pointed and do sit angled.  This is all part of the baskets beauty and individuality.

1. D17cm x H13cm
2. D19cm x H13cm
3. D26cm x H26cm
4. D29cm x H21cm
5. D30cm x H23cm
6. D30cm x H27cm
7. D34cm x H27cm 

8. D37cm x H28cm
9. D39cm x H33cm
10. D44cm x 37cm
*Dimensions may vary slightly due to being handmade 


Liana - Vine